imagine giles suggesting to anya that she watch ‘monty python and the holy grail’ and not telling her about the bunny at the end (and then her taking him up on his suggestion). better yet, imagine it in ‘tabula rasa’ when they think they’re together. 

Benedict on playing a Bond-like wolf in ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ - San Diego Comic Con - July 24th, 2014 (x)


I’ve always been curious as to whether Sherlock's unaired pilot had a title before being ditched and reworked into 'A Study in Pink'

Turns out, it did: A Touch of Pink.


 The current official Facebook page for BBC’s Sherlock : [x
 The former official Facebook page for A Touch of Pink : [x]
 The CV of the pilot’s costume designer, Ray Holman (archived from May 2009) : [x]
 Sherlock’s Wikipedia article history (archived from Dec 2009) : [x]



So, as I promised.. here’s Mijbil Creatures’ Toothless Giveaway! :)

This OOAK figurine is just 1 inch high, handsculpted, handpainted, glazed three times for protection and ready to be adopted, cuddled and trained. :)

Here are the rules - not many, I promise!

- just reblog this post to enter the giveaway

- you do not need to follow me.. but hey, dragons! there are always tiny dragons at Mijbil Creatures, and kittens, and general cuteness, so maybe - maybe - after all it would be an awesome idea to follow me. Just saying..  ;P

- if you could find the time to like my Facebook page, that would also be awesome - still, not mandatory, but you’d gain my endless gratitude :)

- I will ship to any country in the world, so anyone is welcome to join, but please you need to be at least 18 to enter the giveaway

- the winner will be chosen randomly on August 10th 2014

Ok, I think that’s pretty much all.. Good luck everyone, and big hugs from Sweden! <3

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OMG this is the cutest toothless!

When fan gets to talk to Benedict. 




Veggie Baked Mac & Cheese (Vegetarian)

"Sometimes life is not all about balance. For example, this is by no means a perfectly balanced mac and cheese. There’s some cheese in here, but nowhere close to four cheeses. Nothing is truffled, or bacon-ed, or cauliflower-ed. There’s some mac – but, all and all, it’s pretty light on the pasta to “other stuff” ratio. This is the kind of filling, yet, not-over-the-top meal that I like to eat in an every day sort of way. These days, in particular, I’m into meals that are overwhelmingly jam packed with green things.”

Recipe here.

Via Love & Lemons



Benedict Cumberbatch / The Imitation Game / 14 nov 2014[x]

All ready impressive..



Benedict Cumberbatch / The Imitation Game / 14 nov 2014

All ready impressive..


For anyone visiting London: the essential pilgrimage stops